Ultimate Journeys offers customized tours on land and sea led by individuals who are leaders in their field of interest. Our mission is to inspire passion for travel as journeyers learn and appreciate the diverse cultures of the world. Through thoughtful planning, creativity and concierge-style execution, we create travel opportunities for people who desire to experience, interact, and learn about their choice of destination or topic. We provide the following tour opportunities for our clients:

Culinary Tours
Teaming with Executive Chefs and Wine Experts, we develop exclusive tours highlighting the culinary and vinicultural arts to Europe and Asia. Experience the cuisine of a country by working alongside a chef, understand the wine making history of a region through exclusive barrel tasting, learn to prepare and enjoy dishes using local produce allowing us to change the way you encounter international cuisine.

Cultural Tours
It is one thing to study a subject but quite another to live it! Cultures, events, even ancient history come alive when you experience it personally. We provide our journeyers the opportunities to not only see, but to learn on site from college & university educators, spiritual leaders, or qualified academics. Capture a sense of being immersed in culture and in history as your learning is stimulated along the way as you visit China, Turkey, Greece, Eygpt, the Holy Land and more.

Special Interest Tours
You can only learn so much from passive observation! The heart of learning is doing and being, experiencing light, sound, smells and tastes. Our special interest travel opportunities are certain to not only broaden your perspective on the human experience, but to broaden your interest and abilities in that of which you are passionate. Be it photography, golf, steps to healthier living, or some other personal “passion” for life,
Ultimate Journeys can help you experience your own “special interest”.

Ultimate Journey tours are inclusive of 4-5 star accommodations, guided sightseeing with cultural emphasis, meals and ground transportation.
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