Pacific Delight Tours is Asia's largest tour operator for the American tourist and has been in business since 1971. The company's mission is the provide the most in luxury travel to Asia for both the elite and budget American travel market. 

Pacific Delight Tours is the leading pioneer in developing vacations to China and today is a leader in the industry. Pacific Delight Tours maintains offices in Beijing, Chongqing and Hong Kong, and they are in constant communication with all of their hotels and support staff in China. The strength for Pacific Delight Tours is their ability to provide both group and special interest travel for all travel types.

Individual or group travelers, whether seeking business opportunities, educational experiences or exotic adventures, expect quality, service and value. By exceeding that expectation, year after year, PDT has grown to be the Number One travel company offering China Tours and Asia Tours. Affordable luxury: it's a simple idea, but what a World of Difference it has meant to hundreds of thousands of travelers.

Our experience pays off for our clients with unmatched travel adventures. Pacific Delight's professional bilingual tour directors, possess years of experience in the destinations we serve. Our Tour Directors have been acclaimed as "best in the industry". They are friendly, accessible and their knowledge concerning each destination ensures your vacation will be both fun and hassle-free. Each is dedicated to providing you a memorable trip, and they are "exclusively ours."

Pacific Delight is an active member of the United States Tour Operators Association - a leading travel organization providing a $1 Million Travel Assistance Program. You can book a Pacific Delight vacation knowing that we will stand behind it with a time-tested record of dedication to customer satisfaction.

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